I am Fifteen - And I Don't Want to Die-Popular Library

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  J'ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir
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I am Fifteen - And I Don't Want to Die

Editeur Popular Library
Collection Eagle Books
Lieu d'édition New York, USA
Année de l'édition 1957
Année du copyright

1954 (Fayard), 1956 pour la traduction (Dutton)

Langue Anglais
Genre Autobiographie
Remarque Grand Prix Vérité 1954
Présentation du livre par l'éditeur

A MASTERPIECE We were like unchained beasts… Now there was no more water. We might be blown up at any moment. Flight was the only solution. Mother arranged my hair like a boy's, then we set off. Would there ever again be a "tomorrow"?

These words are taken from the heart-stirring diary of a young girl trapped in the fiery crucible of war.

Christine's shocked eyes saw heroism and shame; cruelty and compassion during the harrowing weeks her town was being sacked by enemy Nazis and Russian "liberators".

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