I am Fifteen - And I Don't Want to Die-Popular Library

Titre original
  J'ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir

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  Titre de la traduction I am Fifteen - And I Don't Want to Die
Editeur Popular Library
Collection Eagle Books
Lieu d'édition New York, USA
Année de l'édition 1957
Année du copyright

1954 (Fayard); 1956 pour la traduction (Dutton)

Langue Anglais
Genre Autobiographie
Remarque Grand Prix Vérité 1954
Publisher's presentation

A MASTERPIECE We were like unchained beasts? Now there was no more water. We might be blown up at any moment. Flight was the only solution.Mother arranged my hair like a boy's, then we set off. Would there ever again be a "tomorrow"?

These words are taken from the heart-stirring diary of a young girl trapped in the fiery crucible of war. Christine's shocked eyes saw heroism and shame; cruelty and compassion during the harrowing weeks her town was being sacked by enemy Nazis and Russian "liberators".

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