Titre original
© David McKay
Company, Inc.


Titre de la traduction


Shalom, Aviva !

Éditeur David McKay Company, Inc.
Lieu d'édition New York
Année de l'édition 1970
Année du copyright

1968 (Flammarion), 1970 pour la traduction (David McKay Company, Inc.)

Langue Anglais
Genre Roman
Présentation du livre par l'éditeur

What happens when a 20th-century Candide falls in love with a beautiful female non-com in the Israeli Army ? Shalom, Aviva ! is what happens. Shalom, Aviva ! is a hilarious novel about the pursuit of a dream – from a stuffy provincial French salon, where a French mother acts like a Jewish one, to a rugged Israeli kibbutz, where a Jewish father acts just like a French one. Shalom, Aviva ! is the story of how a member of the Now Generation runs head-on into a nation of pioneers and gets some painfully comic lumps. Shalom, Aviva ! is an experiment in assimilation, written with love and chutzpah.

© David McKay Company, Inc. et Christine Arnothy
© Christine Arnothy