I am Fifteen and I do not Want to Die- Fontana books

Titre original
  J'ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir

© William Collins
Sons and Co Ltd.
  Titre de la traduction I am Fifteen and I do not Want to Die
Editeur William Collins Sons and Co Ltd.
Collection Fontana books
Lieu d'édition Glasgow, Grande Bretagne
Année de l'édition 1958
Année du copyright 1954 (Fayard), 1956 pour la traduction anglaise (GB) (William Collins Sons and Co Ltd.)
Langue Anglais
Genre Autobiographie
Remarque Grand Prix Vérité 1954

Présentation du livre par l'éditeur

In front of the house a German http://www.comprarviagraes24.com/ A.A. battery blazed away at the heavy Russian bombers overhead. In the well of the staircase three German horses were tethered without food or water, slowly starving to death; and in the cellar, surrounded by sick, desperate civilians, a girl of fifteen sat on a heap of coal writing her diary by the light of a make-shift candle.

The horrors of Budapest in 1945 start from the pages of this book; hunger, thirst, disease, the terrible carnage in the streets, the infernal din of battle, the suffocating terror of death. Every character is sharply drawn by this talented sensitive girl.

With the Russian entry into Budapest, a nightmare wave of atrocities overwhelmed the Hungarians and many of them perished. But Christine Arnothy and her parents amazingly survived to make a desperate escape over the Austrian Border. Fortunately, she managed to retain her diary, and it is from this document, after several years of intense poverty and hardship, that she has written this outstanding book, which compels the reader's attention from the first paragraph to the last.

© William Collins Sons and Co Ltd. et Christine Arnothy

© Christine Arnothy