Anouk in Love

Titre original
  Un type merveilleux
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Company, Inc.


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Anouk in Love

Éditeur Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Lieu d'édition Garden City, New York
Année de l'édition 1975
Année du copyright

1972 (Flammarion), 1975 (Doubleday & Company, Inc.)

Langue Anglais
Genre Roman


Présentation du livre par l'éditeur

As Anouk boarded the plane for Washington, D. C., she had one wish - never to return to France again. For at age twenty she is already a woman with a past. Heiress to an enormous fortune made in the French art market, she has lived her life waging war against a complacent world of wealth and privilege and against a « daddy » who most recently has used his power to blackmail her into marriage. Biting sarcasm and shocking behavior are her only weapons in this war of wills and also her only outlet for the effervescent impulses inside of her. When other desperate measures fail to break her family's stranglehold, escape seems the only answer, and her husband's business trip to Washington provides a convenient opportunity. But Anouk discovers an America whose turmoil does little to alleviate her own - until she meets her match in Steve Dale, a Vietnam veteran who lost hispatriotism when he discovered that war is butchery, who battles her on her owns terms until both of them discover that their elaborately contrived defenses are no longer necessary. A daring, provocative, irreverent novel about love and war, and the kind of love that must begin as a kind of war.
© Doubleday & Company, Inc. et Christine Arnothy
© Christine Arnothy