I am Fifteen - And I Don't Want to Die-1970

Titre original
  J'ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir

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  Titre de la traduction I am Fifteen - And I Don't Want to Die
Editeur Scholastic Book Services
Lieu d'édition New York, USA
Année de l'édition 1970
Année du copyright

1954 (Fayard);1956 pour la traduction anglaise (USA) (Dutton)

Langue Anglais
Genre Autobiographie
Remarque Grand Prix Vérité

Publisher's presentation

First came the Nazi invaders? now the Russians !

Huddled in the cold, dark cellar of their bombed-out apartment building,Christine and her family listen in fear as the battle rages over their heads. They must get out of the city - but where, and how ?

"I am fifteen," Chris prays silently, "only fifteen? and I don't want to die !"

Prize-winning true story of teenage heartbreak and heroism during World War II.

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